Would you like to work with a contractor who understands the challenges that you meet every day... and who really is able to meet them?


DORBUD is the leader in intelligent, innovative and sustainable construction. We have been in business for over 20 years and from the beginning we keep the highest standards in everything we do. The quality of our services as a general contractor of civil works is confirmed by the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008 as well as by developed standards that have been perfected over the years. Our talented team of experts is made up of creative solution providers, whose priority is quality. We do not meet expectations, we surpass them. 

Dorbud means working on many types of projects that include general contracting, construction management and design. We provide comprehensive realization of public buildings, housing estates, complexes for schools, industrial buildings, hotels and hospitals,.... From complex public safety equipment to university logistically challenging projects, Dorbud is the right choice for you. The objects we constructed provide innovative solutions that do not only inspire, but are also functional and technologically advanced.



Dorbud is not only the general contractor of the investment, but it is also property management and technical consulting.

Our R & D & I department is constantly looking for innovative technologies of building construction and new materials in order to enhance energy efficiency and reduce the negative impact of buildings on the environment. We are engaged in the work that aims at popularization of the use of the most advanced solutions in the field of renewable energy sources in housing and utility buildings.


As one of few companies, we have established a Scientific Council, whose participants are distinguished professors with the achievements of a number of unique technical and technological solutions.



Our customers say that DORBUD is different. We tell them that it is because of our people. We place great importance on hiring, training and keeping the right people.

People with passion. Our people are the providers of creative solutions. They have a passion for teamwork and a great organization. Our care of details and supreme craftsmanship is reflected in the economy and high satisfaction of customers. Our talented professionals are able to anticipate and solve problems before they become problems indeed, making sure that everything is realized according to assumed work schedules.

Our cooperation with architects, contractors and suppliers is based on solid and lasting relationships. We appreciate their professionalism and they appreciate us. We are passionate about design, new technologies and investment courage, but we are particular about the timeliness and the objectives set by the investor. We build your dreams. If you want to collaborate with professionals, you came to the right place. Start cooperation with us, and you will soon find out why DORBUD is different.


Ascertain the selected realizations presented on this website and see how we build.

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