A modern apartments in historical walls, green courtyard for the exclusive use of residents with no cars, intended only  for leisure, multi-underground parking and location in the strict center of Kielce, there are just some of the distinctive trumps of  Apartments Center.

These modern and comfortable apartments are created in the place of the existing complex of buildings between the streets Słowackiego and Śniadeckich  in Kielce.


It will be unusual and unique place. We design it so to create an unique atmosphere and offer a little different lifestyle.


In the townhouses and the outbuildings planned area of the apartments is 30 to 160 square meters. The apartments on the  front-storey building will be height of up to 3.7 meters. Height of housing in the outbuildings will be lower, approx. 2.8 meters.


The offer will also include several apartments maisonettes, with a perfectly planned inner space. Each of the proposed dwellings will have a large balcony or terrace. All buildings and townhouses are equipped with lifts to the level of underground garages to the last floor. We design apartments very diverse. Not many arrangements repeats. Each client will find a solution which will meet their expectations.

In the planned investment it will be prepared comprehensively furnished the show apartments. The arrangements will be developed by renowned designers. We believe that it will be the inspiration for buyers. Part of the apartments will be offered together with the design and comprehensive interior finishing and furnishing. For this purpose Dorbud will draw up standards tables.

Additional information can be obtained by calling +48 609 002 008 and www.ogrodyslowackiego.pl.


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