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The project is located in the zone of The Łazienki Park, the area that is protected and listed in monuments registry and under the supervision of archaeological conservation. The main building is designed as an established official of the Embassy, fulfilling both a representative function and administrative one. The project also includes residential buildings, auxiliary including the necessary infrastructure and landscaping.



District Office in Kielce


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Continuation of the construction of the office building for the needs of offices of the district office with the necessary technical infrastructure facilities, land development and facilities



doto polska sp. z o.o.

Adapting the boiler house for office premises. The whole project is maintained in the post-industrial space


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Extension of the Office of Ochota in Warsaw 




Polish Patent Office


renovation and reconstruction of the usable attic in building of the Patent Office in Warsaw in order to adapt to the standard of the office space

    Regional Inspectorate of Prison Service in Warsaw

building of collective accommodation for prisoners with connections and walking  squares in the Remand Centre in Grójec

    ZGN in bielany district in warsaw

Mediatheque and facilities for the branch of the City Guard

   The Voivodeship Centre of Road Traffic in Warsaw

reconstruction and renovation of the office building and the associated buildings




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