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Since the beginning of our business activity, we have engaged ourselves in activities in support of culture and art, especially in co-shaping of the public space and implementing innovative ideas, solutions and artistic visions. In this area we co-operate with NEW SPACE OF THE ART Foundation created by Dorota and Tomasz Tworek, which has supported and promoted interesting cultural initiatives for many years. 




Every year, our company initiates implementation of a series of artistic events "Art in public space", introducing outdoor exhibitions of contemporary art to the urban space in Kielce.  The residents of Kielce and Świętokrzyskie region, as well as tourists had the opportunity to commune with diverse and inspiring art 6 times on the Artists Square. 

In the series, we organized the following exhibitions and installations: 

     „Iron People Walking” , Zbigniew Frączkiewicz, 2009
     „Balancing”, Jerzy Kędziora, 2010
     „Labyrinth”, Leon Tarasewicz, 2011
    „Witches' Dance ”, Ludwika Ogorzelec, 2012
    „Turbine”, Adam Garnek, 2013
    „Graduation Tower”, Robert Kuśmirowski, 2014
    "Home Sweet Home", Sylwester Ambroziak, 2015



In order to support the arts and culture, we also undertook a copyright venture which is a unique and collectable annual artistic calendar of Dorbud that uses the work of talented Polish artists of the young or middle generation. The objective of the calendar is to promote the most interesting phenomena of contemporary art. Calendars, which have been published since 2010 and have become a tradition of the Company, give young artists the opportunity to present their skills. Every year, in each calendar we show the works of a new artist, presenting completely different inspiration of their creators. 

Among the artists who create their collections for the needs of Dorbud artistic calendar there are inter alia Maurycy Gomulicki, Grzegorz Drozd and Jakub Ciężki.



Dorbud also supports other creative artistic initiatives. Last year our company and the National Museum in Krakow organized an exhibition in which you could admire the installation of Leon Tarasiewicz in front of the museum. 
In 2014 the Warsaw University Library presented an artistic installation entitled.: "Intellectual tension", created by Ludwika Ogorzelec. The presentation was also supported by Dorbud. In 2011, we sponsored a photographs exhibition entitled "SOMNABULIKI", presenting photographic and literary vision of Kielce downtown. 


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