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1st place in the Building Services Industry GOLDEN HUNDRED!

The award ceremony in the plebiscite Golden Hundred took place on Friday, 9th October. Once again Dorbud SA was the winner. Just like last year, the company took first place in the category of the construction services and was promoted to the second place in the service industry.

Our crew

DORBUD’s Academy

With pride and joy we are announcing the start to our internal training project: “Modern, effective and multifaceted project management in construction and investment as the key elements of DORBUD’S competitive advantages”.

The project is being financed by the European Union funds.

Artistic Events

"Home Sweet Home"

"Home Sweet Home" is the latest installation of Sylwester Ambroziak - prepared specially for the project "Art in Public Space". The unique outdoor installation was opened on Friday Evening, as part of the seventh edition of the project, atThe Artists Square in Kielce.

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