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DORBUD S.A. on the new regional market

6th of August, 2014 DORBUD S.A. has signed an agreement for the construction of the  nursery school in Wysoka, Kobierzyce. The range of the contract provides a crèche, courts and playgrounds, roads and  land development. The contractor is obligated to obtain permission for use as well.

Completion date was determined as the 29th of April, 2016.

Our crew

DORBUD’s Academy

With pride and joy we are announcing the start to our internal training project: “Modern, effective and multifaceted project management in construction and investment as the key elements of DORBUD’S competitive advantages”.

The project is being financed by the European Union funds.

Artistic Events

"Turbine" by Adam Garnek on the Artists' Square

Until 15th October 2013 can be viewed "Turbine" - a new installation by artist Adam Garnek. Mobile steel sculpture was created in the framework of the project "Art in Public Space", initiated by the Dorota and Tomasz Tworek who received the award from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage "Distinguished for Polish Culture."

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