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Dorbud SA begins construction and sale of the first condo hotel in the Świętokrzyskie province

In the second quarter of 2016 Aparthotel market in Poland will greet the first in Świętokrzyskie suite condo hotel model - Bristol Aparthotel. This is a completely new investment in the region. Bristol Aparthotel in Busko-Zdroj is the second joint project of Dorbud SA and Bristol **** Art & Medical SPA.

Our crew

DORBUD’s Academy

With pride and joy we are announcing the start to our internal training project: “Modern, effective and multifaceted project management in construction and investment as the key elements of DORBUD’S competitive advantages”.

The project is being financed by the European Union funds.

Artistic Events

Dorbud as a co-organizer of the exhibition in Cracow

From Thursday18th June you can admire the installation of L. Tarasiewicz in front of the National Museum in Cracow.

Sale and rental properties: