Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences „Energy Conversion and Renewable Resources in Jabłonna Municipality”


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In the Centre were created, among others, Laboratory buildings with panels thermal, solar and photovoltaic panels on a sliding construction and wind turbines, square with its innovative thawing ground heat storage in the form of a pool of water and a car park with solar roofs.

    Kielce Technology Park

Building of Technological Centre of Kielce Technology Park on Olszewskiego Str. in Kielce



Kielce technology park


extension and superstructure of the existing office building at Olszewski Str. in Kielce for Kielce Technology Incubator of Technology Park along with the necessary technical infrastructure


Kielce University of Technology



ENERGIS - energy-saving "intelligent" educational-laboratory building for the Faculty of Environmental Engineering  of Kielce University of Technology

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